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Marathon Petroleum Corporation is an American petroleum refining, marketing, and transportation company headquartered in Findlay, Ohio. The company was a wholly owned subsidiary of Marathon Oil until a corporate spin-off in 2011.

Following its acquisition of Andeavor on October 1, 2018, Marathon Petroleum became the largest petroleum refinery operator in the United States, with 16 refineries and over 3 million barrels per day of refining capacity. Marathon Petroleum ranked No. 41 on the 2018 Fortune 500 list of the largest United States corporations by total revenue.

A former employee in Indianapolis said this in a review " I’m currently an employee at the Marathon garage in Indianapolis. It used to be a great place to work until we got new management. Now it seems like the new management is trying to make everyone miserable so they will quit. Now we work days, nights and weekends. Your schedule is different every week. If you apply for a job at Marathon don’t believe anything they tell you, more than likely it is a lie."


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"A very large company run like a very small company. Divisions operate in silos leading to duplicate and overlapping work. Inefficiencies in work processes abound. Inability and no desire to think out of the box or consider new ways of doing things, even when newly acquired assets have better processes to share. Had multiple coworkers make racist comments to my face and witnessed other racists acts occur in the office. Everyone there has an ego like they are the greatest employee ever despite having very few responsibilities and lackluster deliverables."

Former Employee - IT/Systems says

"1) Rotten management: Inept management that will micromanage you to the bone just to feel like they’re actually doing work 2) Zero diversity: The office and surrounding city has zero diversity and culture. If you like being surrounded by conservative boomers then this is the place for you. 3) Depressing city: I mean what were these people thinking? I wouldn’t wish living in Findlay on my worst enemy. Seriously, the entire city shuts down at 8 PM, has maybe 1 crappy token ethnic restaurant for each cuisine, and is surrounded by miles of cornfields for 50 miles+ in any direction. 4) IT Culture is inept: The fish rots from the head down, the CIO to middle management have no idea of modern technology unless legacy VB.Net and C# is your idea of emerging technology. 5) Poor talent retainment: Every year these fools bring in interns and try and talk up Marathon to them to convince them to come back because no other Fortune 50 company in their right mind would place their HQ in a rural rust belt town like they have so they act like they’re the biggest game in town when in reality they’re the only game in town (and for a reason). The result is they get rarely any interns that return for another internship or full-time, and the only ones that do either have no other options, or they go to school in a conservative rural area themselves."

Former Employee - Operations says

"This company claims they are family friendly. In all reality they are all about money, and in this market, with the andeavor purchase/ debt they are in major cost cutting mode. Since the MPLX failed to bring in the sustainable 10% growth they're looking at selling major assets, and reducing head count. Like most companies, you are just a number, and they will make you feel just that way. Their "safety focused ".... well it's all about safety until it's about money, then all bets are off . It's a poorly managed, cutthroat business with and awful HR dept, incompetent management, skeleton crews in the field who work their lives away. Marathon was once ranked as the best large company to work for in Forbes, now it continues to free fall as the administration destroys the company from the inside out. If you're looking for a secure company, look elsewhere."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Blue collar work types, don’t try to help the newer generation advance (5-6 years experience), racist employees are tolerated and encouraged by upper management"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Poor leadership from the very top, very paternalistic and even dictator type leadership. Very basic decisions have to be made by the highest ranking employee in the company, which is scary at a Fortune 50 company. The company has survived off its size and favorable market conditions the last several years. They are one downturn from being in serious trouble because there is no focus on process improvement. Very much a “because this is the way we’ve always done it” culture. Lack of efficiency has lead to over staffed administrative functions. Problems are buried by management when brought up. There are way better options out there if you are looking at Marathon, run the other direction as fast as you can."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"- Findlay (I’m not sure I need to explain this one). Having a HQ in Findlay OH is a waste of time and drains value that could be going to shareholders. Thousands (yes thousands) of people renting cars to drive 1.5 hours to and from the airport weekly, then fly is to locations to perform business. This is a huge waste of productivity and money. - Micromanagement hardly describes this culture. Good ideas and independent thought are discouraged. Don’t even attempt to process improve. Only the top wigs make decisions while everyone else waits to be told what to do. This BREEDS inefficiency and mediocre performance. - People are not selected based on their ability but rather how you look, who you know and sometimes who your family is. - Nepotism is not only allowed but enforced by leadership. - This is not a pay for performance company. Regardless of your performance, you can expect no more than a 4% increase even with a promotion. - Rather than operate with integrity, MPC would prefer employees contribute to their super PAC and lobby governments to change their laws. They’d rather buy politicians than do the responsible thing. - They talk about diversity like it’s a new idea... MPC is dead last when compared to peers when it comes to a diverse workforce. They talk about hiring diverse people like it’s a chore and I’m no lawyer but some of the things I’ve heard sound illegal and discriminatory. If diversity were important, wouldn’t Gary say something?"


"Every freaking thing. If this place ever tried to call me back to work for them again, it'd take every single cell in my body to not laugh in their faces."

Former Employee - IT Analyst says

"Benefits are not competitive. Micro management is prevalent at all levels. Would not recommend to anyone who would like to progress in their career as promotions are very rare."

Current Employee - Commercial says

"I thought I had seen poorly run companies during my career, however Marathon takes it to another level. It has been shocking to watch how quickly inept leadership can destroy a business. To make matter worse, the company has a unbreakable sense of arrogance, which blinds them to making any improvement. This company has only survived as an independent refiner due to decent market conditions over the last decade. Watch out when that changes, as current leadership is incompetent and unprepared to respond"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Sadly, this is a company which is command and control, micromanaged, does not value human thoughts or ideas in any shape or form and just values loyalty. These people are called lifers and even if they don’t have skills or intelligence, they will get ahead and micromanage to death anyone who chooses to stay. There is an amazing arrogance about the only way being the Marathon Way. Countries have been crushed with this attitude. It is a cult - stay as far away as you can."

Maintenance (Current Employee) says

"Dangerous place to work due to 23 fatalities during my time their. Terrible culture. Vindictive managers...............................................................nonhorrible place to work"

IT Enginner (Current Employee) says

"Manager and supervision is picked from the buddy system of who knows who. This is not appropriate since our past 2 suppervisors and Manager know less than the college interns. This has lead to huge financial losses to non-IT desisions on multiple occations and the blame falls on the teams working 50+ hours a week to support these dumb desisions. All Supervisory and Managment staff cares about is the check boxes they click end of year to get thier bonus. All credit for successes goes to the supervisor or manager. And all failures (due to managment desisions) gets cast on the IT team as punishment. They also do not care about your family or personal time and will exspect you to work even if on Leave or Vacation. They will also give you bad performance reviews if you take this time off. Promotion is only by favortism and who you know. They treat contractors like nobodys and highly punish employees for speaking out against bad desisions. A good manager or supervisor would listen to a team of engineers that have over 20years exspierence vs what you were sold on by IT sales or you seen on youtube If managment cant pass the same tests your engineers have to take getting hired, your in the wrong field.Good PayDumb IT desisions based on Zero IT Knowledge by managment, two faced supervision"

NCCER Certified Journeyman Pipefitter (Former Employee) says

"I was Hired on to an Apprenticeship through BP Oil Refining at their Texas City, Tx refinery. Loved working for them. in 2013 the refinery sold to Marathon and all company employees became a part of Marathon. As a union member, i was somewhat protected from termination for the most part. i had personal issues i was dealing with at that time and was given an impossible ultimatum. and as the union strikes were looming in the near future and our union leadership was out of the state, i was terminated with no representation or protection. after the strikes and to this day, Marathon is still laying off employees in favor of contractor labor. As a result the company is slowly but surely destroying a site designed and built to run some of the nastiest crude oil in a safe manner. The Union presence has become so weak, they allow these firings to happen without recourse.The only pro is the pay scale is more than adequate for the cost of livinghorrible leadership and and archaic tactics towards hourly and salary employees is rampant"

Processor (Current Employee) says

"Only family and friends get promoted. Your best chance is to develop strong network of friends in the company. Do not speak out against your manager, HR does not like people with ethics and integrity, you will be punished. Toxic managers exist and are never terminated unless it is something highly illegal, otherwise, they are offered relocation opportunities or a golden parachute."

Relief Crew Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"Salary positions are treated very well but hourly personnel is treated as expendable. The company is more concerned about the bottom line and not your safety."

Electrical Contractor (Former Employee) says

"Poor benifits.Poor Management.Not a very secure job.Not a longterm job for sure.Poor PayGreat Hours"

Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"I worked at the Canton Refinery, then came a wave of layoffs, due to managements knee-jerk reaction to profit margin for that quarter. Findlay Management always controlled Canton Management, and you always had your manager and dotted line manager, then the District manager, - like in Office Space if you messed up the TPS reports. Not only that but the union does not like to interact with the office workers and vice versa, HR was chaos with constant layoffs and interns to do mediocre gauge readings for corporate tax write offs. People got hurt, OSHA was there We shot a few hundred barrels of petro product into S.W. Canton's air , -then had EPA was here.... Pays well for Canton Ohio, mostly good times while it lasted, no loyalty unless you pay Union dues, all about the Benjamins especially if some guy in Findlay gets a wild hair ..and wants to show that their B.A. in Business Management was all for not move people around Canton refinery like chess pieces on monthly basis...........Training, safety, Tools, BenefitsPoor Management, Lack of Business skills"

Refining Lab Technician (Current Employee) says

"When first started working here was a good place to work. Over last few years management has changed, and the work enviroment is extremely hostile. Bosses will say one thing to your face, and go behind your back and say the oppoisite to others. It's a daily stressor wondering if and when you are going to lose your job."

Operations Analyst (Former Employee) says

"You are required to stay in one room all day or night looking at a computer. The majority of the people you work with hate being there. You get a lot of vacation time but its based on a seniority and counsel specific pick system. So if you don't have someone to cover your vacation you have to work. It is a highly stressful environment. The managers are nice but they have no power and do not keep order. When you are on a night shift schedule their is no supervision and people act like children. The people in the OC have an entitlement that they are special and that they can get away with things that normal positions in the company could not get away with. They scoff at the HR Department. I don't recommend this job if you have a family. This job is perfect for someone who lives alone and wants to make decent money. There is more I could say but in general the job is overwhelming and not worth the stress.Decent MoneyHorrible Hours"

Advanced Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Marathon was our (Ashland's) merger "partner" in 1998. Marathon's corporate success in those days was due in a large part to their company's foresight to also be an oil producer, not just a refiner as Ashland unfortunately had chosen to be. Marathon's corporate philosophy of the 'refinery' portion of their company was totally different than Ashland's philosophy. Marathon sought only commodity markets, nothing niche, nothing custom or special. Bulk quantities of a very few products were all that were considered important. A good portion of Marathon management looked with disdain at Ashland's people, expertise, and resources that knew or did anything novel, niche market, or unique. Many former Ashland people left or retired as soon as they got the chance (or couldn't stomach their new Marathon supervisors' hubris any more.) A lot of former Ashland employees were barely tolerated as 'idiots'; apparently we couldn't possibly know anything of value since our company was considered the 'junior' partner and had been not nearly as monetarily successful as Marathon. However, Marathon's monetary success was due to it's hugely successful oil production arm, not its refining arm.Nice Christmas party and pretty good health insurance and thrift plan.Not much curiousity in the 'refining research' section supervisor of the time."

Adv HES Professional (Former Employee) says

"A workplace that keeps you busy and learning. Great co-workers and managers.Training opportunitieslong hours"

Cashier (Former Employee) says

"Typically it would be stocking and checking products, making the food for on the racks, and running the cash register. The job was always fast paced.Free foodNo breaks, On call, Low pay, No job security, Too far away"

Process Operator (Former Employee) says

"Routine operations They don't like union workers Management seems unsure how to maintain a highly complex refinery. Co-workers are great people from the surrounding communities"

Lab Technician (Former Employee) says

"Typical day at work in coming in 4 hours early or staying four hours late because one of your coworkers who doesn't give two craps called off AGAIN and you know you now have 12 hours of time to try and kill. You know that that is impossible yet management expects you to "look busy" so they want to to sweep floors or clean even if there is nothing else to clean. Coworkers are eager to throw you under the bus for their own gain and management will terminate you for reporting violence in the workplace. HR will turn it around to make it your fault. All this to protect the company's image.The paycheckEverything else."

Laboratory Technician (Current Employee) says

"Marathon is one of the worst companies I have worked for. Their upper management never comes out to the units and just sit in their offices and look down on you. They don't care about safety they only care about money. They run things to failure and you never get recognition for your hard work, especially if you are hourly. If you are salary you get a medal for finding your office every day."

Operations Technician II (Current Employee) says

"As for terminal culture, it's either the greatest job you'll ever have, or a good pay/benefits but a terrible place to work. Expect to advance due to your connections instead of skill or work ethic. High stress. Zero tolerance for mistakes, even typo's in some cases. HR's only purpose is to prevent lawsuits. They will never side with the employee otherwise. Some terrible management on the local levels. Expect to train yourself. Expect meetings on your off days. Expect out of town training on your off days. Expect to work weekends. Terrible work/life balance. Shady relationships with contractors and management. Management "stores" equipment at their home. Favoritism and nepotism is status quo.BenefitsWeak lower management, high level of liability, meetings and training eat up alot of time off."

Chief Operator (Current Employee) says

"Is a good company for someone to start of and then jump to something else. Management is not that great, they are very authoritative."

Field operator (Former Employee) says

"They have great equipment and get you what you need. No security and no. Have reduction of workforce then a month later hire three more people in the same spot was removed from. Makes no sense. Great supervisors and also very bad ones. Play favorites inappropriate communication at all hours of the day after drinking.Great supplies, great people to work with, good hours some very good security, irrational employees and supervisors."

Chemist (Former Employee) says

"Shift work and being in a union, in general, were okay for a time but didn't fit in to my career plans. It's a dangerous and dirty job that was not worth it in the long run for me."

Striker/Deckhand (Former Employee) says

"the job its self was good but it just wasn't for me, to much time spent away from you family and not a very good attitude of your co-workers. paid good with good benefits thoughpay and benifitsco-workers and policeies"

Frank Gargone says

"horrible timing on delivery"

Richard Jasmin says

"wont abide by any cardholder agreement-

takes years to get them thru comenity- to do anything and then they close your account wo notice after sending you a replacement card and supposed credit line-even reduced.

I owed $50. the rest was racked up wo my consent or knowledge..took me 2+ years to iron out- and they are claiming on my credit that I owe them over 120. This is wrong and needs to be fixed."

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